Mitsubishi Electric - A Leading Manufacturer of Hot Water Heat Pumps

Mitsubishi Electric has been designing and manufacturing commercial hot water heat pumps since 1970. We were one of the first manufacturers in Japan to utilize heat pump technology to provide hot water, and also the first manufacturer to develop R407C products, which can supply hot water of up to 70ºC, high enough to eliminate legionella bacteria.

We quickly rose to the forefront of the hot water supply industry in Japan - a position we still enjoy today. Our products are mainly used in commercial applications, such as hotels, hospitals, and nursing homes, where they are providing highly reliable performance. From this position as a leading manufacturer in the hot water supply industry, we are proud to introduce our new highly efficient hot water heat pump system.

A "Flash Injection Circuit," which is designed for our ZUBADAN CITY MULTI air conditioning system for cold regions, is incorporated in our new hot water heat pump. Through utilizing this advanced "Flash Injection Circuit" and the latest high-efficiency compressor, the hot water heat pump is able to provide hot water of 70°C, and with better retention of capacity at low outdoor

Two-phase refrigerant is separated into liquid refrigerant and gas refrigerant at the point of A. Liquid refrigerant, whose pressure is reduced by the linear expansion valve (LEV), exchanges heat in the HIC circuit and become gas-liquid two-phase refrigerant. This two-phase refrigerant flows into the injection port in the compressor for controlling the increase of the discharge temperature. Therefore the optimal amount of refrigerant can be provided to the system via the com

The hot water heat pump ensures an exceptionally high level of reliability through a backup function.
* If either of the compressors malfunction, the other compressor maintains operation to avoid a complete stop of the system.
A rotation function is also available. When two or more units are in the system, the unit runs alternately, ensuring an optimum product lifecycle for both component units.
*If the main circuit board malfunctions, the backup function and rotation function are not available.
*Capacity drops by 50%.

The hot water heat pump can be operated at outdoor temp. between -20C and 40C.
It delivers precise comfort even on the coldest days of the year.
Range of operation temperature
and outlet water temperature
A smaller footprint has been achieved through developing a new highly efficient heat exchanger with low pressure loss.
Installation footprint of 3.54m2*

* Installation footprint for one unit including service space.

Various system configurations are available.
. Two external output for backup heater
. Analog input to control capacity
. Defrost signal

* Refer to the Data Book for other functions.

Ducting can be connected to the inlet or outlet of the outdoor unit. Either “60 Pa” or “0 Pa” can be selected.

*The factory setting is “0 Pa."

Lower sound pressure levels have been achieved thanks to the development of a new fan.

* Based on theoretical calculations for a distance of 10m.

Ozone friendly; R470C refrigerant is used. The system is equipped with “Efficiency Priority Mode” and “Capacity Priority Mode.” With “Capacity Priority Mode” is more effective when used with a boiler because the boiler’s fuel cost and CO2 emissions can be reduced.
The hot water heat pump has been awarded the Promotion Award of the Heat Pump and Thermal Storage Technology Center of Japan in the 2011 Electric Load Leveling Equipment and Systems.

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