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Mitsubishi Electric sets the boundaries of VRF technology with the CITY MULTI range, which is available using R410A refrigerant with zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential). The range has been specifically designed for today’s building requirements and addresses key market issues such as energy efficiency, adaptability and reliability. With user friendly control systems utilizing internet technology and integrated cooling and ventilation indoor units, CITY MULTI is the benchmark and market leader in VRF technology. VRF is a multi and direct expansion type air conditioning system where by one outdoor unit can be connected with multiples indoor units. The amount of refrigerant can be regulated freely according to the load on the indoor unit by the inverter driven compressor in the outdoor unit. Zoning in a small office is possible with a small capacity indoor unit. Energy conservation is easily handled because individual indoor units can stop and start their operation as needed. There are various indoor units available in order to suit various interior design needs.
Single module up 20 HP

Capable of covering up to 20 HP with a single module and a single compressor. Reduced piping work.

Compatibility to outdoor temperature of up to 52oC

Capable of running cooling operations in the outdoor temperature of up to 52oC*.

Increase in the limit of piping length

Farthest indoor from first branch: 90 m Height difference between indoor and indoor units is up to 30 m.

Standard or high COP options are available by different combinations of modules.
All modules feature inverter-driven compressors. Maximum combined horse power: 60 HP

*56-, 58-, and 60-HP models will be available early in 2015

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