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Indirect Buyer (Purchaser) - HCM

Reports to and Supervised by:  Procurement & Logistics Manager


The Indirect Buyer is responsible to buy all IT supplies, Human Resource supplies and Marketing supplies for the organization upon receipt of properly authorized requisitions from users or other authorized employees. The Indirect Buyer is responsible to obtain goods and services to satisfy reasonable user needs promptly and make purchases in accordance with the approved Procurement policy and procedure

All purchases should be made at the lowest cost where cost is interpreted to include both external and internal costs of material, goods, Service, financing, scheduling, and the risks of doing business.

The Indirect Buyer is responsible to know and keep up to date on the legal requirements of business contracts and to use such knowledge to protect the interest of the organization.

Duties of the Indirect Buyer:

  1. The Indirect Buyer should understand of the goods/service markets, cost structure and key players.
  2. Items should be shopped for the lowest cost to meet delivery requirements wherever possible.
  3. The Indirect Buyer should negotiate with suppliers to obtain the best offer available within time constraints of the requirements. In order to provide time to maximize negotiating efforts and reduce the need for rush transactions, negotiating should be conducted in advance of actual needs for products wherever practical.
  4. The indirect Buyer should develop blanket agreements or systems contracts to minimize administrative and other costs.
  5. Collaborate to build and maintain strong working relationships with supplier and stakeholder
  6. Participate/prepare data for negotiations with suppliers and ensure appropriate commercial agreements are put in place to secure supply.
  7.  Quotation analysis and propose supplier selection in Total Value


  1. Relevant University degree
  1. Minimum 2 years of Human resource, IT and Marketing Purchasing experience.
  2. Excellent communication and negotiation skills, as well as service orientation.
  3. Highly speed of work
  4. Team player with ability to convince others.
  5. Good at English (written and spoken).
  6. Demonstrate a strong work ethic and integrity.

Contact: NguyenThiHai.Yen@mevn.com.vn