Mitsubishi Electric F800 Inverter – Optimal solution for energy saving at Danh Du Powder Factory at Tay Ninh

Mitsubishi Electric F800 Inverter – Optimal solution for energy saving at Danh Du Powder Factory at Tay Ninh

Mitsubishi Electric's F800 inverter has maximized its power saving function when helping the factory to significantly reduce power consumption without affecting the efficiency of the production process. The solution helped Danh Du Company to shorten the capital recovery time, speed up the development of the plant, and at the same time ensure environmental protection on the basis of energy saving.

Solutions for energy saving and operating cost optimization

For more than 20 years of establishment and development in the field of food powder production, Danh Du Powder Factory, located at Group 12, Tan Lap Hamlet, Tan Binh Commune, Tay Ninh City, is one of the largest and most prestigious enterprises at Tay Ninh province. Specializing in supplying cassava starch and modified starch products, with the scale of operations concentrated mainly in the factory area, Danh Du Powder Company has invested a series of modern machinery and equipment. This means that the enterprise must pay a huge budget for the annual energy consumption. Therefore, energy saving is the vital resolution for Danh Du Factory to optimize operating costs.

Danh Du Factory is operated with many machines, therefore, energy saving is very important in optimizing operational costs.

One of the common traits of many factories here is that the productivity increases and decreases according to each season. Therefore, in addition to energy-saving solutions, business owners need to equip their factories with solutions that can support flexible production capacity. In addition, this construction of Danh Du Powder Factory also requires the solution providers to offer high-standard equipment that is able to effectively protect the engine, ensure the power factor, and limit the interruption of operation in the plant.

With such complex requirements, the business owner had to carefully consider and select the proper suppliers during the project of building Danh Du Factory. And Mitsubishi Electric with its superior product quality, capacity and experience has been trusted by Danh Du Company and become a supplier of inverter solutions to serve the powder production line here.

F800 Inverter – The ideal solution of Mitsubishi Electric brand

Regarding the feelings of the business owner after installing Mitsubishi Electric's F800 Inverter, Mr. Duong Van Du - Director of Danh Du Company Limited shared: “We are completely satisfied with the solutions that Mitsubishi Electric provided. These devices not only help in saving energy, but also creating the initiative for the factory in increasing and decreasing capacity flexibly according to each season. Mitsubishi Electric's F800 Inverter solution has the ability to meet the technical requirements and operate productively with stable performance. We are planning to expand our scale and will definitely add-in other supporting products from Mitsubishi Electric to optimize the production process at Danh Du Powder Factory”.

Mr. Duong Van Du - Director of Danh Du Company Limited shared his satisfaction with Mitsubishi Electric's F800 Inverter solution.

Danh Du Powder Factory has 200 inverters with capacities from 3.7kW to 220kW which are used to optimize a variety of machines in the production area. Mitsubishi Electric's F800 inverter supports energy-saving function based on the inverter's basic feature of adjusting motor frequency and reducing power consumption when not necessary. In addition, this inverter solution even has advanced power saving features thanks to the ability to optimize the excitation current, thereby enhancing the motor efficiency to the maximum capacity. This is also the outstanding point of Mitsubishi Electric Inverter compared to other brands. Especially for applications where the motor operates at a fixed speed like at Danh Du Powder Factory, the F800 Inverter is the optimal solution for optimizing investment costs and saving power effectively.

Danh Du Powder Factory decided to choose Mitsubishi Electric's F800 Inverter solution to support energy saving effort at the production area.

In addition to energy saving ability, the F800 Inverter also has an important function that is overload protection, phase-loss protection, or over-operated protection. These features will help protect the factory engine without the need to install additional equipment.

Specifically, the F800 Inverter is able to handle high overload up to 110% within 1 minute. If the overload situation is within 3 seconds, the inverter's tolerance can reach up to 120%. F800 Inverter also provides detailed information about the operating status of the motor such as: current parameters, voltage, power consumption, operating time; so that the engineers at the factory can easily control the operating status of the system and proceed with appropriate maintenance and performance optimization plans.

The F800 Inverter of Mitsubishi Electric is capable of withstanding high overload up to 110% within 1 minute.

Moreover, Mitsubishi Electric’s F800 Inverter solution facilitated at Danh Du Powder Factory also helps to keep the power factor of the system to the maximum capacity, minimize the unnecessary reactive power, reduce the investment cost for cable system, optimize the capacitor system and completely eliminate the risk of low power factor, thereby meeting the power factor requirements of the power agency.

The 10-year maintenance-free design of Mitsubishi Electric’s F800 Inverter solution will help businesses save costs incurred throughout the product life cycle.

With the common advantages of products made in Japan such as: high durability, intuitive and easy-to-understand user interface, Mitsubishi Electric's F800 Inverter also has many product lines corresponding to a variety of applications from heavy load to light load, comes with flexible control ability and diverse connection methods with simple to complex control systems such as 4-20mA, CC link, Modbus, Profibus...

In addition to the EAC (Eurasian Conformity) certification that Mitsubishi Electric's F800 Inverter is recognized thanks to its ability to meet all technical requirements and regulations, this solution is also an eco-friendly equipment when being certified by RoHS. RoHS is a certification issued by the European Union, affirming that Mitsubishi Electric's F800 Inverter is able to meet the international standards to comply with regulations on limiting the use of hazardous substances in the manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment. This is a proof for the reliability of Mitsubishi Electric’s electrical and electronic equipment.

According to the evaluation from Danh Du representative, the use of F800 Inverter helps to reduce energy costs by 40-50%, durable engine and machinery also help to reduce the number of maintenance times, thereby helping Danh Du Company to maximize its efficiency and optimize total operating costs. In addition, Mitsubishi Electric’s F800 Inverter has the flexibility that gives the factory the initiative in increasing and decreasing productivity, while not disrupting the process and not affecting the engine. The problem of Danh Du Powder Factory, which is also the problem faced by hundreds of businesses operating in many other fields, has been fully solved by Mitsubishi Electric’s solutions, which are certified to meet the international standards. Of course, the goal of this solution is not only to ensure the stable and efficient operation of the power system, but also towards human safety, energy saving and environmental protection.