Food & Brewery

Mixing machine

Máy khuấy trộn

Control requirements

For various types of food, the requirement of a constant stirring force to ensure the quality of each food is always a challenge when controlling machine speed.

It is an immediate solution for operators to change time flexibly depending on the type of ingredients.

Pre-programmed recipes enable operation to produce products with consistent quality.


Mitsubishi Electric offers an equipment package at a reasonable price to meet the above control requirements. This is the optimal choice for machine manufacturers in the food and beverage sector.

- Suitable for compact electrical cabinet space
- The boards are coated with an anti-corrosion and moisture-proof coating to prolong the life of the inverter
- The inverter controls the speed of the stirrer while maintaining consistent stirring force for different types of food.

- Make programming and machine control streamlined, and facilitate device configuration
- The default Ethernet port makes it easier to communicate with the PLC.

- Upgraded memory card to store recipes makes it easy for operators to change food recipes.
- Mixing time is flexibly changed on this display, depending on the type of ingredients

System configuration

Cấu hình hệ thống

Device controller

Device Function Device code
Inverter Control the speed and force the stirrer FR-CS84-012
PLC Programe the mixer process FX5UJ-24MR/ES
HMI Operate mixer, change mixing speed and time. GS2107-WTBD

Dough forming machine

Máy tạo hình bánh

Technology requirements

The variable speed actuator is used for gentle kneading to maintain dough texture while removing all air bubbles.

Cut the dough into smaller pieces requires precision and quick control.
The PLC FX5U series with 1ms timer ensures the dough is divided into the exact portions desired.

Dough ball shaping is done using variable speed actuators.
Roll the dough at a fixed speed to keep a consistent dough shape.


Mitsubishi Electric introduces a control device package with a flexible budget while still be able to meet the control requirements of the dough forming machine, effectively serving production lines in food factories.

- Servo amplifier with its 17-bit resolution for precise position control down to mm.
- With a built-in position table, it is easier to select the position via the HMI without complicated programming.

- Up to 60 built-in I/O points, which can be scaled up to 284 I/O points, streamlines programming and machine control, and facilitates device configuration.

- Inverter provides early warning when the installation environment is not suitable.
- The inverter adjusts speed to maintain dough texture while removing all air bubbles.

System configuration


Device controller

Device Function Device code
Inverter Control dough kneading speed and force FR-E840-0.4KSCEPB
Servo Adjust dough cutting position MR-JE-40C
PLC Programe processes for the dough forming machine FX5U-40MR/ES
HMI Operate the dough forming machine, changing mixing speed and time, and cutting the dough GT2107-RTBD