Mitsubishi Electric Cup Automation – Growing a New Generation of Global Engineers

Mitsubishi Electric Cup Automation – Growing a New Generation of Global Engineers

On August 28th, the winner of the first prize of the Mitsubishi Electric Cup Automation (MECA) 2020 was found in the final round. This is the first year that Mitsubishi Electric Vietnam cooperates with Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education to co-organize a contest for students of electronic engineering.



Mitsubishi Electric is a leading electric corporation about green technology, contributing to the sustainable development of society. Training and inspiring the younger generation is one of the top priority corporate missions towards a greener future. Intending to promote educational research and facilitate scientific exchange between universities, MECA started to be held in China since 2007. The contest is not only achieved high quality in the organization but also helped to discover a talented generation of young engineers for a future technological revolution. The competition has rapidly developed globally by holding in India, Thailand, and other countries

In 2020, MECA is organized by Mitsubishi Electric for the first time in Vietnam. MECA desires to improve knowledge, soft skills, and bring opportunities to develop the talent of electronic engineering students who are studying at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education.

Operating from February 2020, MECA has selected 15 most excellent topics for the final round. During the competition, every team had the opportunity to work with the latest digital manufacturing and automation technology equipment, including industrial robot MELFA (Japanese technology, can connect with Artificial Intelligence - AI) and MC work 64 management and operation software (equipped with 3D graphics, visually the operating status in real-time). Besides, Mitsubishi Electric Vietnam sponsored to construct a specialized laboratory for the candidates to work in a practical environment, creating complete solution models.

By the guidance of lecturers from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technical and Education and Mitsubishi Electric Vietnam’s Technical, 15 teams met the rigorous criteria and successfully completed the test in the final round

The owner of the MECA 2020 trophy belonged to the DNA team (Huynh Nguyen Phuc Duy - Tran Thanh Nam) with the topic "Controlling the automatic screwdriver with the Speed-Torque mode by using SSCNET III". The prize for the winner includes MECA trophy, a certificate, and 15 million VND.

The second prize belonged to Magic Arm (Nguyen Huu Phuc - Nguyen Tan An) and User's Manual (Le Minh Tho - Ho Si Quy). Both teams get certificates and 7 million VND.

There are three teams, DRC-Tur, DuNaTa, and Mitsuism received the third prize. The remaining 9 teams received Consolation prizes.

The importance of nurturing young talent is recognized globally and MECA 2020 is an evolutionary part of it. In the future, Mitsubishi Electric Vietnam hopes that MECA will be an annual technical playground, and wishes to expand the competition so that students of all technical universities have the opportunity to expose to the latest technology from Japan.

Mitsubishi Electric believes that: Vietnam's young and talented engineers are ready to reach out to the world. With the starting point of Mitsubishi Electric Cup Automation, they will sharply reap a lot of success and be an important factor in the sustainable development of society.

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