Creating Creative And Dynamic Learning Environment For Children In Dong Thap Province

Creating Creative And Dynamic Learning Environment For Children In Dong Thap Province

On February 24th 2023, Mitsubishi Electric Vietnam (MEVN) attended the inauguration of the STEM Labs at Phu Thuan A Secondary School, Hong Ngu District, Dong Thap Province. Follow to the CSR Sustainability Initiative activities, in 2022, MEVN accompanied Teach For Viet Nam (TFV) to build 1 Stem Lab in Dong Thap and 2 Stem Gardens in Quang Nam (2 Stem Gardens estimate will complete on 15th, Mar). The project is based on the mission of bringing quality and equal education to all children in Vietnam.

The representative of Mitsubishi Electric Vietnam took photo with the school and students of Phu Thuan A

Estimated time to complete the projects:



Phu Thuan A secondary school, Dong Thap

1 Stem Lab



Que An secondary school, Quang Nam

1 Stem Garden



Que Phong secondary school, Quang Nam

1 Stem Garden


Accordingly, February 24th 2023, at Phu Thuan A Secondary School, the Stem Lab inauguration ceremony took place successfully with the participation of parties, including:

- Representative of Mitsubishi Electric Vietnam

- Representative of Teach For Viet Nam

- Leader of Hong Ngu District People's Committee

- Leader of the Department of Education and Training of Dong Thap province

- Leader of Department of Education and Training of Hong Ngu district

- Leaders of Phu Thuan A Ward, Hong Ngu District

- Principal of Phu Thuan A secondary school

- Representative of the Center for Culture, Sports and Communication of Hong Ngu district

In the spirit of the best for students and teachers, especially disadvantaged students, the Stem Lab creative space is the beginning of a more sustainable future.

Mr. Huynh Van Tai, representative of the People's Committee of Hong Ngu district shared at the ceremony: “We are very excited and honored to have Mitsubishi Electric Vietnam and Teach For Viet Nam come to support the construction of creative spaces at the school, as well as practical support for Hong Ngu district. We hope that in the future, we will receive more attention and support from you.”

Hong Ngu is the northern border watershed district of Dong Thap province, people's lives are still facing many difficulties. In recent years, with the efforts of political systems for the cause of education, the quality of education has been gradually improved. With today's continuous technological innovation, it is extremely necessary to create an environment where students can access modern and dynamic devices to build a better future, contributing to bring many values to the locality.

Mr. Takashi Nishikuma - Deputy Managing Director of Mitsubishi Electric Vietnam expressed his joy when attending the ceremony, he said: “Mitsubishi Electric Vietnam has accompanied Teach For Viet Nam in previous projects, and is really honored to have the chance to keep contributing to the journey of learning with better quality in Hong Ngu district in general and Phu Thuan A Secondary School in particular. With this support, we believe that students will have the conditions to develop comprehensively. In the future, they can use their own ability to return to contribute to the locality. Hopefully, the school can effectively use Stem Lab to develop together with students every day. This year is also a special year, celebrating the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Japan (1973-2023), this event once again affirms the close friendship in the development of both countries.”

Local representatives of Hong Ngu district and Teach For Viet Nam signed a sponsorship agreement for Stem Lab

Since 2021, Mitsubishi Electric Vietnam and Teach For Viet Nam have been accompanying the Sustainability Initiative CSR project, toward quality education and reducing inequality to promote an excellent and equal education for Vietnamese children through sponsoring Stem Lab, Stem Garden, and implementing the Stem education system in many areas of TFV's activities.

Learn more about sponsoring Stem Lab and Stem Garden in Tay Ninh 2021 

As a part of Vietnamese, as a part of youth, with a desire to contribute to the locality, Teach For Viet Nam believes that education is the only key to help children overcome difficulties and achieve goals in life. Stem Labs will be the launching pad for children to develop their skills, love their homeland more and have the opportunity to contribute to their homeland.

Representative of Hong Ngu District People's Committee awarded certificates of thanks to MEVN and TFV

The Stem Lab project is implemented with the purpose of building a foundation of facilities and improving the capacity of the team to support the development of local Stem education.

Excited and curious moments of students at the new Stem Lab.

Mr. Takashi Nishikuma visited, exchanged and shared joy with the students

Overview of Stem Lab at Phu Thuan A Secondary School

Stem Lab is equipped with robots, sensors, electronic devices, gardening tools, crafts, temperature meters, PH meters, etc. This technology allows students to explore their creativity in a safe and stimulating environment. The Stem Lab also has a mini-library of educational materials, including books, and magazines, which students can use to further their understanding of STEM subjects.

With more than 700 students, Phu Thuan A Secondary School is giving an effort every day to bring the best learning environment for students.     

The quality of education in Vietnam is improving, but there is still a long way to go. Despite recent efforts to improve the quality of education, there is still a wide disparity between the quality of education offered in urban and rural areas. This disparity is especially pronounced in schools that lack the necessary resources and infrastructure to provide quality education.

By building Stem Lab are giving children the opportunity to explore their interests and deepen their understanding of science, technology, engineering and math. This accessibility to technology and educational materials can help children develop the skills they need to compete in the global marketplace and take advantage of the opportunities of the 21st century.

Mitsubishi Electric Vietnam will continue to carry out its mission, focusing on creating a better future through education, bringing sustainable development values, contributing to the prosperity of the environment and the Vietnamese people as well as increasing the strong cooperation between Vietnam and Japan.

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