Mitsubishi Electric Việt Nam - Golden Sponsor accompanying Run For Education 2023

Mitsubishi Electric Việt Nam - Golden Sponsor accompanying Run For Education 2023

Running for the cause of sustainable education, Mitsubishi Electric Việt Nam (MEVN) is honored to be the Golden Sponsor for the event "RUN FOR EDUCATION 2023" organized by Teach For Việt Nam. The event reflects MEVN's commitment to providing an equal and comprehensive education for children in disadvantaged areas, while also supporting the sports community to enhance health.

"Run for Education 2023" is a fundraising campaign spreading the spirit of sports enthusiasts and those concerned about education. The campaign aims to raise 2 billion VND to support the construction of a quality education system for 4,000 students in Quang Nam and Đong Thap.

To connect and expand the program, the campaign is executed in two forms:

  1. Online Running - Contribution through each step

    • Duration: August 1st - August 21st, 2023
    • Participate in the online running competition. For every kilometer you run, you will contribute 5,000 VND. The goal is to raise funds from the community to bring innovation to education. Mitsubishi Electric Việt Nam has contributed 62,000 km to the program.
  2. Offline Running - Companion on the racecourse

    • Date: January 6th, 2024
    • Location: Vạn Phúc Urban Area
    • Running distance: 5km/10km
    • With just 300,000 VND, you can participate in the run for education to not only improve your health but also help a class of 30 students in border, difficult areas in Đồng Tháp and Quảng Nam learn English, STEM, and entrepreneurial education for one month.

For detailed information about the running competition, visit this link.

MEVN - Companion and mission in the education journey

Since 2021, Mitsubishi Electric Việt Nam has continuously committed to accompanying Teaching for Việt Nam to create an equal and comprehensive education system. MEVN has implemented projects in 7 secondary schools in Tay Ninh, Dong Thap, and Quang Nam, with 4 Stem Labs, 3 Stem Gardens, English classes, and entrepreneurial education, providing better opportunities for students in difficult border areas.

In 2023, Mitsubishi Electric also sponsored the construction of a creative space, Stem Lab, at Que Thuan Secondary School and teaching fees for English and STEM teachers at three secondary schools (Que Phong, Que An, and Que Thuan), Que Son District, Quang Nam Province. The Stem Lab was inaugurated and put into operation on November 6th, 2023. Learn more at [link].

Let's accompany us through the running competition, where every step contributes to a better future for Viet Nam!

Together with MEVN - Run for health, Run for the community, Run for education!