Mitsubishi Electric Vietnam signed the Agreement on sponsoring scholarships and equipment to the University of Transport and Communications

Mitsubishi Electric Vietnam signed the Agreement on sponsoring scholarships and equipment to the University of Transport and Communications

In the afternoon of January 28th, 2021, the Signing Ceremony of Sponsorship Agreement on E-F@ctory Automation Equipment with a total value of more than 1.5 billion VND by Mitsubishi Electric Vietnam (MEVN) took place at the University of Transport and Communications.

According to the content of the agreement, MEVN sponsors UTC e-f@ctory automation equipment, including 05 iQ-R PLCs, 05 FX5U PLCs, 05 sets of HMI GOT, CC-Link IE network system, 06 inverters & three-phase motor, 04 servo amplifier & servomotor. Also in the framework of the agreement, MEVN will sponsor 10 scholarships for students of the Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in the academic year 2020-2021.

Attending the signing ceremony, on the side of the UTC, there were Prof. Dr. Nguyen Duy Viet - Vice Rector; Dr. Trinh Quang Khai - Director of International Cooperation & Development Studies Department; Prof. Dr. Trinh Luong Mien, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Nghia – Vice Dean of Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering; Dr. Tong Anh Tuan – Deputy Director of Equipment Management Department. On the side of Mitsubishi Electric Vietnam, there were Mr. Shigeo Kuroki - General Manager of FA, Mr. Le Van Dong - FA Planning Duty General Manager. Mr. Mitsuhiro Toya - ASMG&FA Sales North Manager.

Signing the Sponsorship Agreement between UTC and MEVN

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Vice-Rector Prof. Dr. Nguyen Duy Viet would like to thank MEVN for sponsoring e-f@ctory equipment and scholarships to UTC. The University will direct the functional units to establish the Mitsubishi Electric Laboratory on schedule according to the content of the agreement and commit to effectively use Mitsubishi Electric equipment for training and scientific research. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Duy Viet believes the two sides will have a good cooperation and expects that MEVN always accompanies the University to support lecturers in transferring and updating Mitsubishi's advanced automation technology, contributing to improving the quality of training students.

Mr. Shigeo Kuroki spoke at the signing ceremony.

Mr. Shigeo Kuroki - General Manager of FA said “MEVN is extremely honored to accompany and contribute to the educational development of Vietnam in general and the UTC in particular. We hope that these devices will help students and teachers access modern technology in study and research. We also believe that this partnership will continue to grow well in the future".

Also at the signing ceremony, UTC gave souvenirs to MEVN. The two sides discussed in detail the implementation of the establishment of the Mitsubishi Electric laboratory to be put into service soon for students in 2021.

In addition, Mr. Le Van Dong – General Manager of FA MEVN also provided more information about the MECA (Mitsubishi Electric Cup Automation) organized by MEVN with universities in Vietnam that have cooperation with MEVN. The MECA helps students to apply their knowledge into practice, practice team skills, team spirit, and the ability to create automation solutions for practical application, while promoting scientific research and facilitate scientific exchange between universities and companies in the field of electricity-automation, to explore the young generation potentials for the industrial revolution 4.0. The MECA has rapidly grown internationally. It was held in China (2007), India, Thailand, and Vietnam (from 2020).

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Duy Viet presented the souvenir to the General Manager of FA MEVN.

Before that, on the morning of December 18, 2020, the University welcomed and worked with MEVN to discuss the cooperation and sponsorship of Mitsubishi Electric equipment to UTC. The meeting took place in a constructive, open-minded atmosphere and achieved high efficiency. The two sides have agreed to establish Mitsubishi Electric laboratory, in which MEVN sponsors e-f@ctory automation equipment. UTC prepares a lab with an area of 100m2 and 20 tables with other equipment and materials.

The UTC had a meeting with MEVN on December 18, 2020.

Also at the meeting on December 18, 2020, MEVN presented the e-f@ctory smart automation solution. The e-f@ctory concept was introduced by Mitsubishi Electric in 2003 and deployed in cooperation with more than 610 partners around the world, applying to more than 7700 production lines. The smart e-f@ctory is a harmonious combination of humans, robots, and artificial intelligence. With an integrated internet network system in e-f@ctory and a computer center responsible for analysis and feedback, manufacturers can control the factory remotely via mobile phones, tablets, laptops. More importantly, robots also ensure the safety of people and production facilities, such as detecting the presence of people to suspend operations until humans reach a safe area.

MEVN presented the smart e-f@ctory solution.

Since its presence in Vietnam in 2011, MEVN has always aimed at improving the lives of Vietnamese people, creating a greener environment through sustainable business activities and contributions to the community. In particular, with smart e-f@ctory solutions and artificial intelligence robots, MEVN will continue to cooperate and develop Vietnam's fledgling manufacturing industry, contributing to the sustainable socio-economic development in Vietnam.


Source: the University of Transport and Communications.